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Mouse Links

Contrary to popular belief (especially in other English-speaking countries, where the term "mouse links" is sometimes used to describe hyperlinks) mouse links are not web/html/java devices.


Mouse Links are actually tiny sausages made from ground-up mice. And, while it takes quite a few of these highly seasoned little tidbits to fill one up, many consider them very tasty!

Here in Texas we raise a special breed of mouse just for Mouse Link Processing, large and meaty, a Texas Link Mouse is highly regarded by those in the know for its firm muscular body and easily removed hide.

Typically, Texans dress and debone their mice, they then coarse-grind and spice the mouse meat, by adding local flavorings such as Cilantro, Garlic and chilis like Jalapenos.

Next they stuff the tiny casings (made from cleansed and brine-soaked mole intestines) in the cool of the evening, and smoke the Mouse Links over a mesquite charcoal fire for several hours.

The end result is a uniquely Texas Snack with the acrid & pungent flavor of mesquite stimulating the taste buds of all who dine on Mouse Links. A homemade delicacy, Mouse Links are not to be found in your typical big city grocery, but rather in the smoke-houses of your friends!

So, the next time you see the term "Mouse Links" on the internet, think of your compadres down here in Texas, stuffing tasty little Mouse Links in their mouths, while eating bowls of steaming hot chili con carne made from the hams and backstraps of large Texas Link Mice and washing it all down with chilled long-necks of Shiner Bock Beer. And for dessert, a big scoop of Blue Bell Homemade Vanilla Ice Cream over a bowl of hot blackberry cobbler!

And that, my friends, is living, Texas Style!

If this is confusing you, just go back to the Home Page, slide your cursor over the boxes above the "MOUSE LINK" button and click on them. They aren't Texas Mouse Links, but hey, they're the best we can do over the Internet.

For Mouse Link Recipes & Cooking Tips from Texas, contact:

Chef Jacqpea Franco-Stockman


Texas Link Mouse trying to make more Texas Link Mice!


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