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Cinderella (Caroline K.) and her Fairy Godmother (Leslie M.)

The Institute of the Dance Arts

presented on May 5th, 6th & 7th, 2000

C i n d e r e l l a

with music composed by

Serge Prokofiev

and performed by

The Russian National Orchestra

production design & direction by

Pamela Ybarguen-StÖckman

choreography by

Pamela Ybarguen-StÖckman & Michael Wilson


Caroline Lewis   Jenny Kean   Ally Ryf   Hayley Hibbert




Cinderella - Caroline Kleiner

The Prince - Marcus Willis

The Step-Sisters - Lucy Richardson & Amanda Stolnacke

The Fairy Godmother - Leslie Mahley

The Temptresses - Niki vonHedemann, Flo Steed & Larissa Koch

The Fairies - Holly Krenek, Erin Pomerantz, Meredith Edrington & Kate Ribe

The Little Prince & Princess - Joe Steed & Meredith Meaux

The Orange Sisters - Lindsey Marchand, Anne Simpson

The Horses - Anne Simpson, Lindsey Marchand, Hayley Hibbert,

Caroline Lewis, Chrysa Ford & Karen Cook

Act One


I. Cinderella and the Step-Sisters

II. The Step-Sisters Leave for the Ball

III. Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother

IV. The Fairies - Spring & Summer


Saturday - Jamiah Smith, Angelica Washington,

Courtney Jolivet, Magen Norwood

Sunday - Megan Donovan, Samantha Nelson,

Alexis Miller, Katie Peacock

The Fairies - Autumn & Winter

VI. Cinderella leaving for the Ball

White Mice

and the mice were turned into horses... Ally & Janet


Heidi Schruben, Natalie Koster, Shira Yoram,

Dearia Landry, Natalie Gaytan, Ashlyn Jackson,

Dashae Jeffcoat, Cristina Flores, Kayla Hutchinson,

Rachelle Sosinski


Ally Ryf, Janet Yim, Kassandra Delainey,

Alexandra Ferguson, Michelle Levin

The Horses

- Pause -


Meredith Meaux   Three Horses   Caroline Lewis



Act Two


I. The Grand Waltz

The Young Prince & Princess

Pink - Melanie Bujnoch, Erin Donovan, Stephanie Francic,

Leah Goldberg, Lauren Hawley, Alia Heintz,

Hayley Hemstreet, Brittani Holl-Nielsen,

Jillian Netzel, Rachel Noonan, Vail Kohnert-Yount

White - Eva Galvan, Rachel Kaplan, Caroline Lewis,

Caroline Gilger, Hayley Hibbert, Kira Henry,

Karen Cook, Jenny Kean, Erin Stevens,

Kate MacMillan, Danielle Samuels


Erin P.   Kate R.   Rachael K.


II. The Prince


III. The Orange Sisters


Lindsey M.   Orange Sister (Anne S.)

IV. Waltz Finale

The Fairies, Orange Sisters & Step-Sisters

V. Cinderella & the Prince - Pas de Deux

VI. The Clock Strikes Midnight




Danielle Samuels, Erin Stevens,

Caroline Gilger, Hayley Hibbert, Caroline Lewis,

Kira Henry, Karen Cook, Rachel Kaplan,

Jenny Kean, Kate MacMillan, Eva Galvan

Saturday & Sunday

Kerbie Price, Rachel Skouby, Cole Stockman,

Victoria Edrington, Sarah Coverstone, Catherine Moreno,

Lauren Cavallaro, Hannah Jones, Stephanie Tran,

Hanna McAdams, Emma Martinsen

Leslie Mahley - Fairy Godmother   Cinderella & Fairy Godmother   Caroline Kleiner - Cinderella


Act Three


I. The Prince searches for Cinderella

The Three Temptations

Larissa K.   The Moroccan Temptress and the Prince


- Pause -



II. The Prince finds Cinderella

If the shoe fits... Cinderella and the Prince   Cinderella & the Prince   Cinderella & the Prince


- Intermission -



1 - Mice Tap (Sat. & Sun.)

2 - Butterfly Tap (Sat. & Sun.)

3 - Clock Tap (Sat. & Sun.)

4 - Beginning Tap (Sunday) Erin Donovan,

Stephanie Francic, Stacy Gillispie, Lauren Hawley

5 - Advanced Tap (All Perf.) Joe Steed & Niki vonHedemann


1 - Beginning Jazz I (Sun.) Misty Baxter, Erin Blatt

2 - Beginning Jazz II (Sat. & Sun.) Kerbie Price, Jillian Netzel,

Victoria Edrington, Cole Stockman

3 - Int. Jazz (All Perf.) Eva Galvan, Alia Heintz, Courtney MacDonald,

Danielle Samuels, Joe Steed & Kristen Wright

4 - Advanced Jazz (All Perf.) 1st - Caroline Kleiner, Lucy Richardson,

Amanda Stolnacke, Leslie Mahley, Kate Ribe;

2nd - Meredith Meaux, Erin Pomerantz, Leah Goldberg, Anne Simpson;

3rd - Meredith Edrington, Lindsey Marchand, Chrysa Ford, Hayley Hibbert;

4th - Larissa Koch, Flo Steed, Niki vonHedemann, Holly Krenek


This Performance Dedicated to the Memory of David Quintero

Special thanks to Dale Shearer-Quintero, Linda Tongberg, Gretchen Irion,

Carol Andrews, Chris Steed, Paul Stolnacke and Jacqpea Franco-Stöckman

Recital Photos are being processed as you read this,

and will be installed on this page as soon as possible!

This Program Funded-in-Part by the City of Houston, and the Texas Commission on the Arts though grants awarded and administered by the Cultural Arts Council of Houston and Harris County, and with the support of the DDGuild Membership, the Students and their Families.



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