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Discovery Dance Group



a concert of dance performed on

May 12th, 2001


The photographs on this web page were shot during a live concert in Sugar Land, Texas by noted professional photographer David Gee. His presence on this site continues a long tradition of using photographs of dance shot by experts in the field. As usual, we have attempted to sequentially demonstrate the choreographic elements found in each piece.





































Tap to see complete series of photos by David Gee

Choreography by Pamela Ybarguen-Stockman

Poem / Libretto by Jacqpea Franco-Stockman 1990


 Water over Stone...

the gentle rain, high in the hills, filled the streams,

washed over boulders, wearing them down, one grain at a time...

the grains flowed with the undulating stream,

grinding, eroding more from the boulders downstream...

and, as the stream widened, it began to meander,

when it meandered, grains washed ashore, drying in the sun...

our Father the Wind...

the Season of the Wind came, it roared along the banks,

finding the dry grains, blowing them higher and higher over the land...

the Great Wind lofted the grains, sorting sand from dust,

and, as the Wind reached the mountains, it dropped the sand...

season after season, storm after storm, the Wind lifted the sand,

carried it over the land, dropping it at the base of the mountains...

Children of the Sand...

as the sand gathered at the base of the mountains, it began to swirl,

slowly piling it into higher and higher Dunes...

as the Great Wind of the Desert passed over the young Dunes,

it caressed them, gently kissing them, while whispering soft songs of love...

and after a thousand millennium, the Dunes were a nation who danced across the desert,

singing the songs they learned from their Father the Wind and their Mother the Water...

Footprints in an Ageless Place...

a Dunescape is a sacred place, where age fades from those who cross its timeless borders,

there is a  Quiet Serenity and Freedom from Harm one feels among the Great Dunes...

harming no one, they grow imperceptively larger each year as Nature planned,

even while the hills of their origin continue to slowly erode...

and long after the race called Man is forgotten, the Dunes will continue to exist,

living out their muted lives, slowly but relentlessly drifting to their own music...


(to see a larger view of the photos, place cursor on image and click)

















 D U N E S C A P EGreat Sands Dune National Monument - Jacqpea Franco-Stockman


Inspired by THE GREAT SAND DUNES NATIONAL MONUMENT, Mosca, Alamosa County, Colorado, U.S.A.

and Dedicated to the Men and Women of The National Park Service who work there.




Choreography by Pamela Ybarguen-Stockman

Sometimes events exert undue and overwhelming pressures on our lives...

and these pressures push us far from the balanced center we all strive for...

leaving us teetering...



(to see a larger view of the photos, place cursor on image and click)


Celeste Humphries & Michael Wilson



Michael Wilson & Celeste Humphries





Celest Humphries & Michael Wilson



Julie Jacob, Sterling Ramsey, Michael Wilson, Niki vonHedemann, Erin Kamin



Sterling Ramsey, Julie Jacob, Niki vonHedemann, Celeste Humphries, Michael Wilson



Airborne: Celeste Humphries and Larissa Koch, Erin Kamin, Sterling Ramsey & Julie Jacob, Michael Wilson & Lauren Parker



All the dancers!



All the dancers!



Michael Wilson, Julie Jacob & Sterling Ramsey







Sterling Ramsey & Juliane Le Roy in Light Passage... Photo by Jeff Salzberg

L i g h t

P a s s a g e

(Terminus ad Quem Luminosus)

poetry by jacqpea franco-stockman 1995

choreography by pamela ybarguen-stockman 1995

Enter now that darkest place where mortals all must finally go

while whispered words of those who care drift softly by their souls

and out of that darkest night comes a bright and piercing beam

to guide all who pass this way on their final voyage across that sea

A solitary mortal washes ashore on a wild and windswept coast

where angels keep watch for any mortal who may have been lost

and once the waves have left him there, the mortal must await

the graces of an angel who ponders each twist and turn of fate


Now some stay still and never move, those who are ready for the night

but others stir and move about, not fully drained of that mortal life

and those who live, must journey back through a passage long and dark

to return again another night on that shore where angels soar like larks


An angel sees the mortal on the shore and stoops to hear his heart

and when she hears its faint beat, she counts its stops and starts

well does she know the angel's rule : Never Touch a Mortal Living!

but she reaches out in reckless impulse, to see if he is breathing


Like a flash of energy, her essence flows through fingers into him

filling him with life again and proving why rules are often written

for he stirs and shows signs of life, opening eyes to see her face

sadly does she smile at him, for by living he has sealed their fate


She takes his hand and guides him back to that portal whence he came

then smiles once more at him and sends him down that dark passageway

for her that moment is stilled in time for all eternity to recall

but the mortal will not remember, what has happened... or her... at all


He retreats to where he came from while she watches teary-eyed

and confesses to her older sisters that she wishes he had died

"You are young and foolish, you really never should have touched!

the gods make rules for a reason, I hope you've learned as much!"


"Once he passes through the portal, he'll not remember your pretty face

and when he does return some day, you'll be a stranger in this place!

Forget your sadness, there are bells to be rung, come join us in our play

who knows, the mortal may hear the bells peal and return this very day!"


Now angels fly among the stars and play them like celestial wind chimes

ringing out their happiness at serving the gods, and souls that they find

while random notes to a mortal's ear, to angels they are soothing dear

and fill the sky with joyful song of heaven gained and happiness long


The sound of bells pulls the mortal back into night's magic realm revealed

and he comes aground upon the shore where the angel found him deathly still

but she is no longer there to greet him, and he remembers not her face

for when the rules are broken, penalties are severly exacted in this place


He looks above and sees the night sky filled with glistening wings

a chorus of angels circles like eagles and swoops down upon the plain

landing, one of the winged beings detaches itself from the others

and that most dazzling creation, an angel, moves slowly toward him


Her name is Saryphia, she tells him, in a voice as sweet as mead

her eyes are so intense that a mortal man is mesmerized indeed,

while her face, flawless in its features, seems to softly gleam,

she is certainly the most beautiful creature he has ever seen


Her face stirs something deep in his memory, a faint vision from his past

he studies her closely, but can't recall, for Amnesia's Veil is held fast

he tells Saryphia he has seen her face before, of that he is certain

she smiles... he remembers... for her smile has raised Amnesia's Curtain!


Rejoice lost mortal, you have been found

out of the darkness of Hades you entered the light

to safely land on Delos, blessed of the Cyclades

and Saryphia, the embodiment of perfection

is your shining gift from the gods




Bringing the Hill Method of Dance to the World via the Internet


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