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Discovery Dance Group presents photos from ...



Newcomb College

New Orleans Jazz Dance Project - 1999

Jazz Tap Master Classes

New Orleans, Louisiana - June 11, 12 & 13, 1999


Buster Brown

Brenda Bufalino

Jimmy Slyde

Jeannie Hill


The evening of June 10, 1999, Michael Wilson, Discovery Dance Group's Tap Instructor loaded-up his Toyota 4Runner and headed East on I-10 to New Orleans, Louisiana. His mission: to attend Tulane University's Newcomb College "New Orleans Jazz Dance Project". These photos are a visual record of his pilgrimage to the birth place of American Jazz, New Orleans, Louisiana. On that epic voyage of discovery he met many interesting and exciting people, saw many unique and remarkable things. Recorded herein are the photos he took with his Canon Rebel-G camera, most are excellent, some are remarkable and a very few are really awesome, dude!

Jeannie Hill trying to teach Buster Brown how to Tap Dance while enjoying a beverage! (I think he already knows how)


New Orleans, Louisiana - a city always below sea-level!


Brenda Bufalino & Marjorie Swiss discussing tap shoes and other important subjects...


Even the fireboats got excited!


Jimmy Slyde - taking a break during panel discussion.


Buster Brown & Cole Ybarguen-Stockman


Brenda - Master Class at Newcomb College's beautiful Dance facilities!


If you see yourself in any of these Master Class photos, please send me an email with some indication of which one you're in, and I'll place your name in the Text!


Brenda - Master Class at Newcomb College - 2


Brenda - doing what she does best... sharing her knowledge with eager students!


New Orleans Mississippi River Fireboat blowing off steam!


Michael Wilson & Jimmy Slyde


Michael, Brenda & Marjorie


Scene from River Walk - New Orleans in the rain...


Pat Burkman



Everyone was impressed with the great facilities at Tulanes' Newcomb College, especially the studios at McWilliams Hall!








Michael & Buster

What a wonderful opportunity for Jazz & Tap enthusiasts!

Just to be in the company of these Masters was a great experience!

Young, and not so young alike, all enjoyed the warmth and hospitality offered by Newcomb College's Beverly Trask, her staff and volunteers.

It was a rare treat to be so far from home and feel "at home", but that is the nature of Jazz Dance and New Orleans!

Jacqpea, Cole & Pam   Barge traffic on the Mississippi... scene from the River Walk, New Orleans

Jacq, Pam & Cole

in New Orleans



Enough wattage to light up New Orleans in those smiles!

The Tap Sisters - Pat, Brenda, Beverly & Marjorie...



Port of New Orleans



Stylin' it! down in New Orleans...


Jeannie Hill & the Jazz Singer












In closing....

If you've never been to Louisiana, gone down the Mississippi, to the town of New Orleans, you have missed a major event in your life! And to be there in the company of such warm and wonderful people as Jimmy Slyde, Jeannie Hill, Buster Brown and Brenda Bufalino is like dying and going to Heaven with a New Orleans' Jazz Wake!



Brenda making a point...



Brenda - A Glamour Shot!

Thank you, Beverly Trask and everyone at Newcomb College, you all did a great job! Keep it up... we'll see you next year! All the rest of you Tappers out there, send Beverly Trask at Newcomb College an email, let her know you saw this webpage and want to be notified about next year's schedule of events. We wouldn't miss it for the world!



Best Wishes from your friends at Discovery Dance Group in Houston, Texas:

Michael Wilson, Marjorie Swiss, Pat Burkman, Jacqpea Franco-Stockman,

Pamela Ybarguen-Stockman & Cole Ybarguen-Stockman



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