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Company Information &

Upcoming Events/Performances

Look here for upcoming performances by Discovery Dance Group or the Institute of the Dance Arts Junior Company. Dates, times and ticket prices are listed with information about upcoming concerts.

A Texas Commission on the Arts

Texas Touring Arts Company

Performing in Texas & the Southwest


Michael Wilson, Marcus Willis and Julie Jacob - photo by David Quintero

Forest Deep Trilogy - Part One : Amazonia Green



Information & Future Dates


Since the mid-sixties Discovery Dance Group has excited its audiences with bold & exciting interpretation of works by such noted choreographers as James Clouser, Lynn Daly, Gus Giordano, Camille Hill, Regina Larkin, Chris Lidvall, Margo Sappington, Ron Sequoio, Pamela Ybarguen- Stockman, Sam Weber and others. Discovery Dance Group, Inc. Registered Trademark, Do Not Copy!

From Contemporary Ballet to Modern Dance and Classical Jazz to Rhythm Tap, Discovery Dance Group covers the entire spectrum of the Dance Arts. Since its formation, the company has performed throughout Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Discovery Dance Group has been a Texas Commission on the Arts - Texas Touring Arts Company continuously since 1994.


Powerful choreography has always been a hallmark of Discovery Dance Group performances, with Adagio/Lift Work that takes an audience's breath away. Long noted for its vitality and stamina, Discovery Dance Group offers presenters a highly polished Concert Dance Group that has a repertoire of over 100 pieces to draw from, ranging in length from five to twenty minutes and utilizing a company of skilled dancers who reflect the depth of training and consistency of style only found in large dance troupes.

With a tightly knit group of seasoned professional dancers under the able direction of Artistic Director Pamela Ybarguen-Stockman (who is assisted by a group of dance veterans who direct technical activities for the company), Discovery Dance Group offers presenters a professional performance company ready and able to overcome any artistic or technical obstacle that may arise in the presentation of a concert. The Company is available for tours, concerts, lecture demonstrations and seminars.

Programs range from Liturgical (Naomi & Ruth, Genesis... seven pieces currently available exploring religious themes from Christianity to Zen Buddhism); Naturalist Pieces (Forest Deep Trilogy: Amazonia Green, Treefall, Prayers for the Dead; DuneScape; Rondônia-The Rain Forest; Tsunami... five pieces currently available covering rain forests to deserts); New Age Themes (Light Passage, The Sands of Time, The River of Life...a sensual immersion in works ranging from loving angels to reincarnation); Jazz Tap (fantastic footwork to jazz music); Contemporary Ballet (from classical themes to neo-classical); Modern (I of Me, Reflections of a Dancer, Solédad...with themes concerning everything from street people to spousal abuse). And of course Romantic Dance, contemporary pieces that are sensual and stimulating, with luscious music and beautiful bodies coming in close contact with each other, lifts and adagio work, their themes ranging from passionate love in June (Summer Smoke), to tender reconciliations (Remember Me) in December. Artistic Director Ybarguen-Stockman is noted for her complex and intense works in all genre.

When touring, the company varies in size from six (6) to twelve (12) dancers, depending on repertoire to be presented. The Artistic Director and Managing Director travel with the company, also available is a Technical Director, Stage Arts Director and Sound/Electronics Engineer. The company uses pre-recorded music and has available its own complete sound system, marley floor, scrim and some stage lighting for an additional fee. For Booking information contact: Jacqpea Franco-Stockman.


Pamela Ybarguen-Stockman - Artistic Director/ Member of Company since 1967

Jacqpea Franco-Stockman - Managing Director/ Member of Company since 1982

David Quintero - Technical Director/ Member of Company since 1967

Anita Grant - Stage Arts Director/ Member of Company since 1993

Gretchen Irion - Marketing Director/ Member of Company since 1986


The Company is made up of Adult Dancers (18 years or older) with a high level of experience and ability in Ballet, Modern and Jazz. Apprentices are accepted into the company to study the Hill Method of Dance and learn repertoire choreography. Discovery Dance Group, a touring professional performance company, tours in Texas and the Southwestern United States. Participation is not limited by nationality, citizenship, race, creed or sex.

Juliane Le Roy Company Member since 1995, TCA Apprentice 95-96, BFA Dance

Michael Wilson Member of Company since 1997, TCA Apprentice 96-97

Lauren Davis Member of Company since 1998, TCA Apprentice 97-98

Julie Jacob Member of Company since 1998, graduate UT Austin, BS Chem Engr

Darcy Smith Member of Company since 1998, studied at IDA since 1990

Lauren Parker Member of Company since 1998, studied at IDA since 1990

Celeste Humphries Member of Company since 1999, studied at IDA since 1993

Caroline Massad Apprentice to Company, studied at IDA since 1996

Marcus Willis Apprentice to Company, studied at IDA since 1998


Discovery Dance Group (with its teaching facility, the Institute of The Dance Arts) has a long record of success in conveying positive Multicultural images through the Arts. Since its creation in the mid-sixties, Discovery Dance Group has always been in the forefront of Cultural Inclusiveness in the Arts, forging a strong link between all forms of Cultural Dance, regardless of origin. From East Indian to Afro-Cuban, American Jazz to Oriental, European Ballet to Thai Temple, these diverse dance influences blended and yet distinct, are represented in the eclectic choreography of Discovery Dance Group.


Discovery Dance Group has been an IRS Registered 501c-3 Educational Organization since 1967. Certified by the City of Houston, Office of Affirmative Action as a MWDBE (Minority-Woman Dissadvantaged Business Enterprise), non-discrimination is the keystone of our mission and guides our policies, all programs, privileges and activities are available regardless of race, color, creed, sex or national origin, and participation is limited only by personal artistic ability.


NOTE: All works listed are grouped by choreographer and have been performed in-concert during the last three years, listings include a brief bio on choreographer, original premiere date, and a brief note on each piece's theme.

PAMELA YBARGUEN-STOCKMAN : Twenty-seven works by Pamela Ybarguen-Stockman, Artistic Director of Discovery Dance Group, she has been a member of Discovery Dance Group since 1967, 15 years as Associate Director under Camille Long Hill and Artistic Director since 1987. Prior to 1967, she danced with the Houston Ballet under Nina Popova and Michael Lland.


Marriage of the Millennium (2000) Man and Computer in the new millennium

Scrooge (1999) Christmas Classic

Swing Shift (1999)

At the Intersection of Gershwin & Ellington (1999)

We Are Travelers (1998) West meets East in 1500's Orient

The Secret Garden (1998) The Classic British Tale

Harvest Moon (1998) Triangles in the Fall

Past Perfect, Present Tense! (1997) The Past is always Rosy, the Present very Tense!

Sisters (1996) Siamese twins seperated by surgeon's steel and time, find each other

Rondônia: The Rain Forest in Words, Music & Dance (1995) TCA Touring Arts Program K-5

Prayers for the Dead (1995) Part 3 of "Forest Deep" Rain Forest Trilogy w/ Poem

Treefall (1995) Part 2 of "Forest Deep" Rain Forest Trilogy w/ Poem

Light Passage (1995) Life After Death & Out-of-Body experiences w/ Poem

(winner Houston Dance Coalition/UH Choreographic Adjudication - 1995)

Brazilian 7-Up (1994) Steamy Brazilian Jazz with Three Dancers

Of Ancient Blood (1994) A Choreographic Exploration of Tribalism w/ Poem

Amazonia Green (1993) Part 1- Rain Forest Trilogy-Amazon Creation Story w/ Poem

(winner Houston Dance Coalition/UH Choreographic Adjudication - 1993)

Tango Classico (1993) Pas de Deux Tango

Malinché (1993) Pas de Deux - La Malinche meets Cortez in 1519

The Time of My Life (1992) A Gershwin Medley w/ Poem

Solédad (1992) An Exploration of Hispanic Solitude w/ Poem

Wildflowers in a Field of Blue Grass (1991) A joyful memory of country youth

(winner Houston Dance Coalition/UH Choreographic Adjudication - 1991)

Summer Smoke (1991) Pas de Deux - Passion in the Heat w/ Poem

Hungry Streets (1991) A dark look at urban America w/ Poem

Aztlan Dreams (1990) An exploration of the cultural influences of Spain on Mexico's indigenous people, and the resulting amalgam we call Hispanic American Culture

DuneScape (1990) Ballet about Great Sand Dunes National Monument w/ Poem

Remember Me (1989) A Romantic Study of Love Nearly Lost w/ Poem

Innocence Lost (1989) Wife Abuse, how it affects the child

Will, Win or Wicked (1989) Sensual Jazz Solo

The River of Life (1987) Reincarnation & The Cycle of Life w/ Poem

Reflections of a Dancer (1986) Jazz Solo

Genesis (1987) Liturgical Piece

Naomi & Ruth (1978) Liturgical Piece

REGINA LARKIN: Five works by Regina Larkin, Artistic Director of the Joyce Trisler Danscompany, where she has performed in all major roles since 1979. Ms. Larkin received her B.A. in Dance at Adelphi University, where she teaches and choreographs for the Adelphi Dance Theatre. Ms. Larkin has performed and taught in Europe, South America, Central America and the Middle East, as well as the Taipei Dance Workshop in Taiwan.

Amulets & Talisman (1997) Spiritualism in four sections

All Hallowed Eve (1992) Spirits Dance in Medieval Europe

A Lo Agrodulce (1991) Study of Catalonian Rhythms, music - Boccherini (1743-1805)

(funded in part by a grant from the Cultural Arts Council of Houston-CACH)

China Visa (1989) A blend of Modern and Chinese movement, in 5 parts

(funded in part by a Harkness Foundation Space Grant & CACH)

Fire and Ice (1989) Beijing June 3rd, 1989

CHRIS LIDVALL : One work by Chris Lidvall, with a B.S. in Theatre from Northwestern University and an M.A. in Dance from the University of Houston-Clear Lake. As a free-lance choreographer, she has created over 35 works for major dance companies and universities. Ms. Lidvall has performed with Houston Music Theatre, Theatre Under the Stars and Houston Grand Opera. Presently on the dance faculty at Rice University, she is a teaching/performing artist for the Texas Institute for the Arts and founder/co-artistic director of Chrysalis Repertory Dance Company.

Last Tango in Paris Texas (1991) A hilarious look at a 1950's Small-Town Texas High School Prom (funded in part by a grant from the Cultural Arts Council of Houston)

Script & Narration by Jacqpea Franco-Stockman

MICHAEL WILSON : Three works by Michael Wilson, 1996-97 TCA Apprentice,and a member of Discovery Dance Group, Mr. Wilson is an exciting Contemporary Dancer and Jazz Tapper.

Gruesome Grusin (1998) Jazz Tap for Holloween

Chutney Suite (1997) Jazz Tap piece set to Music from India

West Coast Solitaire (1998) Jazz Tap Solo to West Coast Jazz

LAUREN DAVIS : One work by Lauren Davis, 1997-98 TCA Apprentice, and a member of Discovery Dance Group, Ms. Davis' first choreographic work is a powerful piece that has awed audiences with its scope and range.

The Leaving (1998) Ireland in the 1840's, men go to America and women join convents





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