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Fleet Feet Studios


Designers for Dance on the Web


Current Projects

Discovery Dance Group
A Contemporary Dance Company founded in 1965 by Camille Long Hill...
Institute of the Dance Arts
World Training Center for Hill Method Certification...
Arts On Tap
Gracey Tunes Tap Dance Company based in Fort Worth, Texas...
ACP Arsenal International
Manufacturer and Distributor of Class 3 Weapons & MilTech Equipment...
Blood Dowsers
Custom Combat Knife Design & Manufacture...


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BioData & Career Information

Jacqpea Franco-Stockman,Web Lord

BioData - Type 3 Humanoid, with Bilateral Synthicators and Forcibars
Special Ops TechData Infusion allows MilTech Capabilities, DOC 201 RGC*

Birthed on Chalmas in A-Quadrant, trained under the Jesuit Fr. Synthus Radis for 12 SolRevs (207-219 RGC). Was recruited by IGC to form MilTech Combat Force in Dorkos - Rim Worlds War. Was captured by Un-Holy Cannibals and escaped following last tour of duty. Most noteworthy personal achievements, ability to discern individual shades from 16 million colors, expert in Cinqi Off-World Weapon Technology, and a convincing liar.




High Cosmos Communications - Galactic Universe E-Quardrant

Managed entire Selphi Gal-Com Array on Mag-Moon 3, that served the entire E-Quadrant. Personal Com Officer to Qualus Sikg III on Star Crusher Litmus and survived long enough to leave War Lord Qualus Sigk III's employment while still in one piece!

InterGalactic Communications Directive - Sol Sys 2,uUn-Holy Cannibals on Dorkos

Recruited, Inventoried and Delivered Humans for consumption by Un-Holy Cannibals on Dorkos and other Rim Worlds. Barely escaped being a menu item following dramatic weight gain during his last tour of duty. Most noteworthy personal achievement, convincing UHCs that Boxers were actually mutated humans bred to box and that they didn't taste like chicken.

*(RGC = Revised Galactic Calendar)



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