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The David Quintero Scholarship Fund

David Quintero & Pamela Ybarguen-Stockman - A Time Remembered - 1974


Dream Dweller

by Jacqpea Franco-Stöckman

He had lived comfortably in the Present

while Time slowly pushed him into the Future

and Memories gently tugged him back to the Past

to dreams of a Love, long lost, but not forgotten

He thought he could never have, touch or love her again

except in his nocturnal wanderings, where he could see her

she never aged, if anything she grew younger, more beautiful

while he, like oak, slowly seasoned and darkened over time

Each night she came to him out of the shadows

beaconing for him to follow her back to the past

and each night he followed her beauty and her scent

always hoping to remain beside her for eternity

One night, after a thousand such nights, she came to him

and this time he touched her, felt her warmth and strength

smelled her essence, and knew she lived again in his arms

that night he decided to remain with his memories in the Past

David & Julianne 1997 Dream Dweller - photo by Pamela Ybarguen-Stockman

He vowed to never return to the Present, or fear the Future

he would remain with her, they would live and love forever

and with no words spoken between them, they embraced

but, once more when the dance was finished, she left him

The next night he dreamed her up again, this time he spoke...

what game do you play, have I not returned each night

why, my love, do you desert me at each evening's end,

why won't you stay and dwell with me, as in my dreams?

David Quintero & Julianne LeRoi - Dream Dweller 1997 - photo by Pamela Ybarguen-Stockman

She shook her head and through her tears, said...

poor fool, can you not see, I am the Dream Dweller

it is you who cannot stay and dwell with me

for I exist only in your memories and dreams...

The next morning he awoke to a silent dawn

all by himself, alone and empty in his bed

without even a vestige of his past memories

for she was gone, no longer his Dream Dweller

Libretto for the Pas de Deux "Dream Dweller"

Choreographed by Pamela Ybarguen-Stöckman

Composed & Written - Sunday, February 23rd, 1997

by Jacqpea Franco-Stöckman

Author's Note: When David read the poem above in February of 1997, I asked who his Dream Dweller was, and he immediately replied:

  "Dance... Dance is my long lost love, I've spent my whole life loving Dance, and now, once again I can hold it and embrace it!  It's been so long since I've had a chance to really dance!"

David A. Quintero

March 25th, 1953 - February 26th, 2000

David and Tommy Tune at a fund-raiser - photo by Jacqpea Franco-Stockman

As many of you know, David Quintero, a Discovery Dancer since 1968 (over 32 years), left us on February 26th, 2000.  David had a sudden illness and left this plane of existence without pain or suffering.  He was buried with his beloved father in the Mexican Cemetery in Somerville, Texas on March 4th, 2000. We all assume he will be joining the new company Camille Long Hill has organized up in Heaven called "One Step Beyond", as Camille is always looking for male dancers who can properly do lifts.

Discovery Dance Group hosted a Memorial Service for David at the studio he loved so much at 2:00 PM on Sunday March 12, 2000.  Over 150 attended and celebrated the beauty and power David brought to not only Dance, but also all those he touched in life.  Everyone brought a single cut flower for David's wife, Dale Shearer-Quintero.   We chronicled his dance career with photos from his teens to present and a beautiful video of his last performance with Julianne Le Roy in "Dream Dweller."  Several of David's dance partners were there, including Pamela Ybarguen-Stockman, Julianne Le Roy, Kathleen Parker-Lobue, Cheryl McCollough and Debbe Busby. Many of David's family and friends were present as personal memories of David's life were shared. Those who spoke were: Dr. Elizabeth Jones, Marta Quintero, Jacqpea Franco-Stockman, Michael Wilson, Bonnie Mac Jr. , Cheryl McCollough and Pamela Ybarguen-Stockman.

It was both a sad and happy meeting of those who loved David. Sad due to his being taken from us, and happy due to the certain knowledge that he is now in a better place. We, who knew and loved David, will keep his memory alive by our continued efforts to do exactly what David always tried to do: Keep Discovery Dance Group and the legacy Camille bequeathed us, the Hill Method of Dance, alive in the World of Dance.


David at the 1999 Jazz Dance World Congress in Buffalo, New York


Dale Shearer-Quintero has authorized the creation of a Scholarship Fund at Discovery to honor David.  Those wishing to donate are encouraged to send donations to:


The David Quintero Scholarship Fund

 Discovery Dance Group

 POB 1953, Bellaire, Tx 77402-1953


Please make checks out to Discovery Dance Group, with the notation "Quintero Scholarship" on the memo line of the check.  This scholarship will make possible a program very dear to David, the Hill Method Internship Program, where a gifted young dancer spends a year of intensive training in the Hill Method of Dance, and upon completion is Certified as a Hill Method Instructor.  In conjunction with funding from the Texas Commission on the Arts Apprenticeship Program we have trained and certified 5 dancers (Julianne Le Roy, Michael Wilson, Lauren Davis, Celeste Humphries, and Julie Kerr) in this worthwhile program. 

David was extremely proud of this program, for as he often said:

"the apprenticeship program guarantees the continuation of what Camille's theories and Discovery Dance Group stand for, in the world of dance."